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As a scientist and curious consumer, I aim to provide adult, urban and suburban consumers with an opportunity to ask questions about food, agriculture, natural resources, and human sciences to subject matter experts.

Learning is not restricted to a formal classroom. By listening and interacting with this educational, science-based podcast, lifelong learners can continue to increase their science literacy and make well-informed decisions on future science issues.

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Vision & Values

Empower ~ Create ~ Educate

I believe in every person's ability for growth, individual thought, and personal development. It was these beliefs that lead me to create, From Urban to Agriculture! This is a space where we can openly approach different agricultural topics and find answers about production agriculture, our food, the environment, and more. This is not a space where I will be telling you what to think, but instead will be giving you things to think about. It is my goal to provide you with the resources and information needed so you can use your own critical thinking skills to develop a well-informed opinion on crucial topics. I do not claim to be an expert on all agricultural topics, but will do my best to provide resources and find answers from others who are experts in their field. This website will cover topics ranging from food labels and their meaning to production animal welfare and care.  Enjoy!

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About The Author

I was born and raised in the California Bay Area. I do not come from a "traditional" agriculture background but grew up with a love for animals, food, and the outdoors. When it came time for college, I chose to pursue my Bachelor of Science in Dairy Science with a minor in Agribusiness at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. I entered the program never having seen a dairy cow, let alone worked with one! But over the next four years I was able to immerse myself in a new industry, find answers, and more importantly, ask a lot of questions! After graduation, I stayed at Cal Poly to pursue my Masters in Agricultural Education with an emphasis in Public Relations. I am dedicated to being an expert in my field and wanted to pursue the highest level of education possible, which is why I am currently a graduate student at the University of Florida pursuing my Ph.D. in Agricultural Education and Communication. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work in an industry that I'm passionate about, and I am excited to share some of my experiences with you!

For more information on my experiences and the development of this platform, you can either listen to my introductory podcast episode by clicking the 'more about me' button below or visit my digital portfolio.

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