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S3 E2

Things You Have Been Wondering about Sharks

In this episode, I speak with marine biologist and manager of the International Shark Attack File, Tyler Bowling. You will hear about shark-safety, shark repellents, differences between sharks, and hear answers to frequently asked listener questions!


FPSR main page:

ISAF main page:

Shark bite quick tips:

Tyler Bowling's Twitter handle: @Gobblers_n_Fins

S3 E1

Living with Fire

In this episode I speak with Dr. Godwin, Director of the Southern Fire Exchange, and Stacey Frederick, the Statewide Program Coordinator for the California Fire Science Consortium. We discuss recent challenges various regions have faced with fire, what it means to study fire, and how land can be managed and prepared for fire.


Dr. David Godwin & Southern Fire Exchange

SFE website:

SFE factsheets:

Join the SFE Email List:

SFE “Friends of Fire” Podcast:

Stacey Frederick, CA Fire Science Consortium

Homepage for the CA Fire Science Consortium

Youtube channel: 

List of the nationwide fire science outreach programs, the JFSP Fire Science Exchange Network

S3 E0

Introduction to season 3

We are back! Season three of the From Urban to Agriculture podcast will be going live soon, great excited! We will be talking about wildfires, sharks, cotton, chickens, social media, and all things science.

S2 E18

The Science Behind Cultivated Meat

Curious about lab-made meat? In this episode, I speak with Dr. David Block from the University of California Davis, about his research on cultivated meat! Questions answered in the episode include: what is it, how is it made, and what specific research will be conducted as part of his NSF-funded project?

Additional resources:

S2 E17

Grad School: What to Expect From Your First Year

In this episode, I speak with UF doctoral candidate, Peyton Beattie, about the common challenges first-year graduate students face and ways to overcome them! Feel free to reach out with any additional questions regarding graduate school! 
Additional resources:

S2 E16

Ag Journalism & Ag Advocacy

In this episode, I speak with Markie Hageman, an ag writer and the founder of Girls Eat Beef Too. We discuss her unique journey into agricultural advocacy, how she became an agricultural writer and tips for people looking to start their own agricultural enterprise.
Additional resources:

S2 E15

Grad School: An Introduction to Research

In this episode, I speak with doctoral student Whitney Stone about her experiences of conducting research as a graduate student. We discuss the learning process, broader impacts, and common challenges. 
Additional resources:

S2 E14

California Proposition 15 & What it Means for California Farmers, Ranchers, and Consumers

In this episode, I speak with Carrie Isaacson and Mitchel Yerxa to learn more about the implications of Prop. 15. In this interview, you will get answers to questions such as why are California producers concerned? How will it affect small business owners? What will be the effect on consumers?

Additional resources:

S2 E13

Women in Beef & Alternative Protein Sources

In this episode, I speak with beef blogger and agricultural advocate, Amanda Radke! We discuss her experience as a woman in the beef industry and answer commonly asked questions about beef and beef alternatives.  
Additional Resources:

S2 E12

Red tide: Part 2

In this episode, I continue our conversation about red tide with Lisa Krimsky, water resources regional specialized agent with UF/IFAS Extension and the Florida Sea Grant!
Additional resources:

S2 E11

Red tide: Part 1

In this episode, I speak with Betty Staugler, an extension agent with The Florida Sea Grant Marine Extension program in Charlotte County, about red tide. What is it? Who does it affect? And why should we be concerned with it?

Additional resources:

S2 E10

The Florida Panther: Part 2

Want to know how you can play a part in saving the Florida Panther? Find out in this podcast episode! In this episode, I speak with Jaclyn Lopez, the Florida Director of the Center for Biological Diversity, about Florida Panthers, policies in place that protect them, and wildlife corridors. 

Additional resources:

S2 E9

The Florida Panther: Part 1

In this episode, I speak with Amber Crooks, the Environmental Policy Manager at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, about Florida Panthers and the challenges they currently face. This podcast track was supported by grant funding from the UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute.

Additional resources: 

S2 E8

Activists vs. Agriculture and Agricultural Communications

In this episode, I speak with Mayzie Purviance, founder of the Activists vs. Agriculture blog and assistant editor of the Western Ag Reporter. We discuss what it means to be an agricultural communicator, the skills you learn in an ag comm program, and Mayzie's own experiences while working in this field. 

Additional resources:

S2 E7

Research Spotlight with Dr. Frank Mitloehner

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Frank  Mitloehner, a professor and air quality specialist at UC Davis, about his research on cattle and their effect on the environment. Questions covered in this interview include: how do cows contribute to greenhouse gases? How do gas emissions from cattle compare to those from transportation? How can you compare an animal-based product to a plant-based product using a lifecycle assessment?

Additional resources:

S2 E6

What's This I Hear About Beef?

In this episode, I speak with Brooke Helsel, owner of The Beef Boutique, about the beef industry, the life stages of beef cattle, and answer questions provided by our online audience! Some common questions that were answered included: is there a nutritional difference between grass-finished and grain-finished beef? Why have I heard that red meat is bad for me? How long does a beef cow live?

Additional resources:,the%20risks%20of%20common%20diseases.

S2 E5

Let's Talk About Leafy Greens

In this episode, I speak with Quincie Gourley, the marketing coordinator at Taylor Farms and leafy greens enthusiast! We discuss the produce industry, challenges they face, how COVID-19 has affected them, and previous E. coli outbreaks within the industry. 

Additional resources:

Video of automated harvesting

S2 E4

A Glimpse into Swine Production

In this episode,  I speak with Ms. Morgan Wonderly, to get an overview of the swine industry and answer some commonly asked questions that were provided by our Facebook group members! You will learn about her research on pork products, common management practices within the swine industry, and challenges the industry currently faces. The Q&A portion of the episode covers topics such as the average size of pigs, labeling trends on pork products, and how the swine industry is integral to medical advancements.

Additional resources:

S2 E3

An Industry That Wants to Serve You Better

In this episode, I speak with Tony Lopes, owner of SustainiBeef, about how he developed his business and how he views his role as an agriculturalist. Are you looking to diversify or start a new business? Are you interested in environmentally-conscious, locally raised products? Listen to the episode!

Additional Resources:

S2 E2

Cow Comfort & Agricultural Outreach

The Importance of comfort and conversation: how one dairy farmer ensures cow comfort & shares her story with the public. In this episode I speak with Katie Doterer-Pyle, third-generation dairy farmer and owner of the Cow Comfort Inn Dairy. We not only discuss specific cow comfort measure, but also how she created the signature, #AskFarmersNotGoogle.

Additional Resources:

S2 E1

National Dairy Month & Dairy Sustainability

In this podcast I speak with Tara Vander Dussen, better known online as the New Mexico Milkmaid, about National Dairy Month and dairy sustainability. Listen in the learn about the history of National Dairy Month and how the dairy industry plans on reaching net zero by 2050.

Additional Resources:  

S1 E6

Urban Agriculture & Botanic Gardens

The final episode of season 1! This episodes consists of an interview with Lindsey Morgan, Director of Education at the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden. We discuss the idea of urban agriculture, the development of the SLOBG, current programs they offer,  and the various sustainability efforts they have in place!

Additional resources:

S1 E5

Agricultural & Crisis Communication

This episode has something for everyone! During this interview you will learn what the role of an agricultural communicator entails, how crisis communication fits into agriculture, and you will get some great tips on how to practice media literacy in your everyday life!

S1 E4

Organic Agriculture and Alternative Agricultural Movements

Have you ever wondered about the difference between organic and "conventional" agriculture? This episode discusses the history of alternative agricultural movements, the core values of sustainability, and answers common audience questions about organic products.

Additional resources:

S1 E3

Critical Thinking &
Conflict Resolution

In this third episode of the podcast, we focus on how to utilize critical thinking strategies in our everyday lives and how we can also apply conflict resolution tactics when discussing controversial agricultural topics.

S1 E2

Dairy Animal
Welfare & Care

This second episode of the season includes an interview with the manager of the Cal Poly, SLO dairy, Rich Silacci. We cover dairy animal welfare, care, nutrition, breeding, and product safety.

S1 E1

Honey Bee Production

In this first episode of the From Urban to Ag Podcast; I speak with beekeepers, Jeremy Rose and Patrick Frazier about honey production, beekeeping and an overview of this unique industry.

Additional resources:

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