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Other Online Resources

Below are resources I have found useful in my own search for answers on different agricultural topics!


Animal Health & Welfare

Every been curious about antibiotic use in production animals?  Do the antibiotics used on animals affect their health or yours?
I wondered the same thing! Below is the link to a website I found especially helpful when trying to answer these questions! Hopefully you do too :)

Technology in Ag

Gene Editing & GMO's

Did you know these two terms refer to different things? If you're  interested in learning about how gene editing and GMO's are similar or different, click the link below to read a great article from the New York Times. Let me know what you think!


Dairy Industry & Products

This website is a great resource for many questions about dairy. Questions about the composition of milk and its nutritional value? Want to see pictures and videos of life on a dairy farm? Or maybe you just want some recipe inspiration, this website has a little bit of everything! If you see some information you have additional questions on, let me know.

Environmental Science

Cattle's Effect on Air Quality

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions are a very hot topic, along with how livestock effect the environment in more general terms. There is a lot of conflicting views and contradicting information being passed around, and I for one wanted more concrete facts on this! Click the button below to watch one video, in a series of videos, that break down credible information on cattle's effect on air quality!

Soil Health

Regenerative Agriculture

Have you been hearing the term 'regenerative agriculture' more frequently? It is an agricultural movement that is gaining in popularity and has earned more focus in recent conversations on the future of ag. For a glimpse into what regenerative ag entails, check out pages 22-23 from the magazine below. This is the first article that I published during my Master's.

Animal Agriculture

Beef Sustainability

An infographic with various information on beef sustainability, the effect of methane on the environment, and how producers are limiting cattle's methane production. This resource was designed as part of the College Aggies Online Scholarship Program.  Additional resources can be found at the bottom of the document.

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