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Honey, Bees and Allergies

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Springtime means a lot of beauty is coming our way. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and if you’re in California it means the sun is finally coming out!

But springtime also means allergy season; which can make all our lives very miserable, very quickly. In Spring, even those of us who don’t have “allergies” can fall victim to runny noses, watery eyes, and itchy throats- and not even the strongest anti-histamine can help us on the bad days.

But wait, there’s a cure!

Lately when I mention my allergies, one of the first recommendations I receive is to buy and eat local honey. Apparently, a spoonful of honey a day will keep the allergies away! Honey contains microscopic spores from the pollen that when ingested can help mitigate allergies.

So basically, honey is our friend- and bees make honey- so therefore, bees are our friends!

Need another reason to appreciate bees?

Well, according to the National Resource Defense Council, Bees and other pollinators are responsible for 30 percent of the world’s crops and 90 percent of our wild plants!

Want to know more about bees and why they are important in your everyday life? Check out the podcast episode on honey bees!

Photo Credit: Dr. Ann De Lay
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